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Thank you for visiting Be Balanced Wellness.We now serve Ramapo NY Villages and Hamlets

You are one step closer to easily becoming Happy, Healthy, and Balanced.
Professional Wellness is now affordable and accessible for everyone!

"A jou
rney of a thousand miles begins with a single step." ~ Lao Tzu

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Balanced!
Be Balanced Wellness is by appointment only.

The Stress Specialist:
Choose from 7 different services to reduce stress and
learn to live your life free of stress. Free consultation to help you decide
which service will work best for you. Custom sessions designed just for you.
What are you waiting for? A stress free life is calling! 

  •  Life Coaching
  •  U.P.A Method
  •  Reiki Energy Healing
  •  Guided Meditation
  •  Hypnotherapy/NLP
  •  Beginner Yoga

  • Walk and Talk


: Being Balanced may cause extreme happiness,
compassion and inner peace.

Be Balanced Wellness has moved to Rockland County NY. We now
will be offering home visits, online sessions and phone sessions.

Invest in yourself TODAY
and become the
BEST version of YOU!

(718) 989-9561

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Journey to an Afterlife Time

Dominick Villella

Check out this Afterlife Journey
like no other by our very own
Dominick Villella

We now serve: Suffern, Airmont, Montebello, Viola, Chestnut Ridge, Hillburn, Hillcrest, Monsey and surrounding areas. For an extra fee we will travel within the NYC area.


Be Balanced Wellness
Suffern NY, Rockland County 10901
(718) 989-9561


 Together we can achieve health
and peace of mind. All are welcome
with no fear of judgement. Your
mind and spirit will be
nourished and strengthened,
moving you towards total balance.

10 free tips to reduce stress!
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